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GoAki: Summer Glow by Sorceress2000
GoAki: Summer Glow
I can never quite do Gosai right... he's just not as pretty as I imagine him in my head...
The rapid patter of tiny foot falls bounced against the palace walls. A hurried process of guards and handmaidens followed closely after, shuffling their feet so as to muffle the sounds in the palace halls. But she could hear them.

Smiling knowingly, Empress Kisaki halted and turned to face the direction from where she heard the silent commotion. Her guards stopped besides her, waiting for their leader to continue. She was busy, but when wasn't she? Sometimes even an empress needed to give herself a break.

Tap tap tap tap tap.

“Kai.” the empress smiled as the tiny toddler running down her halls came to an abrupt stop directly in front of her. The golden-haired boy smiled up her with a grin that quickly spread throughout the hall.

Folding her dressing gowns with her hands, Kisaki slowly bend forward, careful to keep balance of the elaborate headdress that wrapped withing the layers of her long black hair. Gently patting the boy's head as she crouched down to his level, the empress brushed a stray lock of hair off his cheek. “Young prince,” she smiled as the boy bowed. It was rough, but still very dignified. Naturally. This was not ordinary toddler, Kai was the young prince of Ndorensul, the second in line to the throne; her brother's son. “We are most pleased to see you.”

As much as she wanted nothing more than to scoot the three year old prince into her arms, Kisaki knew it wasn't the time or place. She had interrupted her schedule already, but breaking character as she went about her royal duties, with so many people around them, would be simply uncalled for. “Was there something you required of us, dear prince?” She could guess at what had the young boy so excited.

Earlier that morning Kisaki had heard news of her brother coming back from his latest journey. As general commander of the Balam Elite, Jikei often had to leave the capital to oversee the military ranks throughout the country. Even though the war had ended some years back, and peace had been reigning for a comfortable enough amount of time to no longer fear the threat of renewed war, Jikei was ever the soldier. He inspected his men and expected them to at all times be ready. There was another reason he left as well, but that wasn't something anyone spoke about.

“Papa's back!” Kai exclaimed happily, pushing up on his heals as his eagerness threw him forward. Kisaki caught the young prince, forgetting for a moment that they were surrounded by guards and palace officials. She hugged her adorable nephew as he happily squealed in her arms; so utterly overjoyed with the prospects of seeing his father soon. It had already been a month since Jikei's last return. It saddened her greatly that the young boy had to spend so much time apart from his father, especially with his mother gone; not that Kai had ever known her. Still, it was such a shame the boy had neither parent at his side, but such was the life of a prince in line for the throne.

He had her though. “Yes,” she nodded, pulling away from the young boy's embrace as she turned down to look into his lavender eyes; her fingers gently stroking the golden locks his mother had inherited him. “Your father will soon return to us.”
12. Return
Prompt: Return

Thanks for :iconwolffie12: for the prompt... sorry it took me so incredibly long.
This one really is a short drabble. I knew right away which character I wanted to do for this prompt, but surprisingly he didn't show up at all hahah just a mention though. It's a short one. could have gone longer but I'm sleepy...

Empress Kisaki
Kai (three year old son of General Commander Jikei... not yet sure if Kai is a Sylph like all the royals, or if he's a Muse like his mom, who was the half-sister of General Sen Zhang who is a pixie... so Kai couldpotentially be a pixie). 

Part of my 100 theme Joralyal Challenge! -->
“I think you should cut it.” Chi coolly stated; her breathy voice slow and calm. She sighed, laying back against the dozen or so plush pillows pressed against the wall of the large canopy set up in the empress' private gardens. On the opposite side of her, Empress Kisaki turned questioningly. The general fluttered her fingers from beneath the long pale blue sleeves of her summer dress. She gestured at the empress without further words and for the moment Kisaki still wasn't sure what the Lan general meant.

“No!” little red-headed Hasu gasped as understanding dawned on her, at the same time coming to the empress who quickly reached her arm around the back of her head, pulling the silky smooth cascade of jet black hair over her right shoulder; her fingers swimming through the dark locks as she hugged them to her body. “Don't!” Hasu turned to the empress, her eyes pleading as she silently argued against the Asrai's desire to see their leader's long hair clipped away.

Kisaki was of equal apprehension. She'd always had her hair long since as far back as she could remember. At the present it fell well below her buttocks. It was thick and healthy, the envy of most. She took good care of it, and had handmaidens who attended to her hair and made sure to keep it luscious and well groomed. It was a rarity to see Kisaki with her hair down, as it was at the present moment. Usually those rare instances happened in the privacy of her chambers, or, as it was at the moment, when she was alone with close friends, away from her royal duties.

“It's just hair,” Chi shrugged, grabbing for a small batch of purple grapes, squeezing one off it's steam and popping it into her mouth. She didn't seem particularly invested in the conversion, despite having been the one who brought it up.

Besides her, the fourteen year old General Xian, looked mortified. She grabbed the long red and gold braid, wrapped in bright colored ribbons, hanging off her left shoulder and nervously held on to it, as if Chi had suggested that she too required a trim. “You don't understand, hair is very important to a woman!” Chi shot the younger girl a dirty look, to which Hasu immediately turned away from; her cheeks a bright red, the color of which nearly matched the hue of her Bogle hair. “I... I didn't...”

“It's fine,” Chi brushed the girl off. She knew the young general had meant nothing by her statement. Bogles did not have many third-genders amongst their race; and Hasu's clan specifically, were said to be distant cousins of the royal family, coming from Sylph's, where the third-gender did not exist at all. Naturally, the somewhat sheltered young general had not been exposed much to anyone like Chi, so of course she didn't understand certain things. Chi knew the girl meant no harm, but had simply misspoken.

“Why?” Kisaki interrupted, pulling attention away from the faux pas, as she ran her fingers through her hair once more, before quickly realizing the gesture appeared far too vain. She pushed her hair back away from her and turned to Chi, still with the question in her eyes.

“Why?” the Asrai repeated, fanning herself as her eyes drifted towards the edge of the canopy, wondering if sunlight might reach her all the way in the corner where she sat. The canopy was mostly in place for her comfort. Asrai did not like sunlight. There was even a rumor that Asrai would melting into puddles of crystal waters if the sun were to ever touch their delicate pale flesh. It wasn't true of course, but Chi often joked as if it might be; avoiding the sun at all cost. “It's too long,” She coolly stated, staring at the extended ray of sunlight that threatened to creep too close for her liking.

The answer did little to satisfy the empress, who sighed dejectedly, knowing her younger friend wouldn't be going much further into detail. As it was, the Asrai general already looked exhausted, having spent far too many hours out in the sun for her liking; though she'd actually not been in direct sunlight at all, as was her usually manner.

Between the two, Hasu happily relaxed against the pillows in front of her. Her pile was much smaller than that of the other two ladies, but she liked it better that way. She laid down on top of them, kicking her bare feet behind her as she peaked out from the canopy's edge. Unlike the Asrai, Bogles loved the sun! They loved it almost as much as Brownies loved it, though not nearly enough to get as darkly tanned as that race. Hasu in particular always enjoyed getting a little color on her cheeks. As a smaller child she'd loved to run around and play in the sun and dirt. With her light completion, however, this often resulted in skin turning as bright as her hair.

“I heard he likes short hair.” Chi's high pitched breathy voice called out again.

Immediately Kisaki stiffened. There wasn't a need to explain who 'he' was. It was hardly a secret, though most pretended they did not know, that Kisaki had long since harbored feelings for a certain Banshee general.

“How would you know?!” Hasu's childishly high voice protested before the conversation could get any further. “It... it's not right!” she went off, listing a number of reasons why cutting one's hair to fit the preference of man was wholly undignified, and how a ruler couldn't be seen to be swayed by the desires of others, and how the elaborate ceremonial headgear required long hair, and how Chi probably just wanted the empress to cut her beautiful hair because of course she wanted her own hair to be the most beautiful and the longest. And on and on the little girl wailed, animatedly bring up one after another reason why it just simply wouldn't do for the Empress to cut her hair.

When she was at last finished, the group fell into a long drawn out pause, all of them seemingly considering the significance of one's hair and important it played for a woman. They remained silent for a good long minute when out of the opposite corner of the canopy, furthest from Chi, and behind the empress herself, a lazy and deeply rich voice broke through the silence. “Longer is better,” the silver haired best friend of the Empress calmly echoed Hasu's sentiments, as his long slender fingers carefully wove themselves through Kisaki's long, soft hair. “Short is good too,” Lee shrugged, yawning softly as he mashed his face against a bright pink satin pillow, gently tugging a strand of the Empress' long hair along with him, before closing his eyes and stating noncommittally, “but long is nice too.”
81. New Haircut
*nervous laugh* ahahah... I'm sorry... this took me waaaaaay too long to write. Not the actual piece itself... that took about an hour and a half. What took forever was finding time to write it. It's been a busy few weeks. And then figuring out what to write too. The obvious story to this prompt was an over the top reaction from Chi of getting her hair cut... and I was leaning in that direction, but when I actually sat down to write, that's not what came out. Personally I like this better. I think it gives a good overview of these characters and more importantly their relationships to one another. And we did get to focus on the three ladies which is nice :D

Thanks so much to :iconeighteenviolets: for the prompt!!! :XD:

Prompt: 81. New Haircut
Character:  Chi Lan
Other characters also making an appearence in this oneshot:
Empress Kisaki Xiannu
Hasu Xian
Lee Zhong
mentioned: Ouka Han

Part of my 100 theme challenge:
Lamia by Sorceress2000
I've been wanting to make a gift for the ever lovely :iconperrywhite: for a while now but just haven't had any free time... I finally did... and my computer crashed and the file was corrupted. Since I couldn't recreate what I had made I started again yesterday and well as I was drawing the hair (which was always to be a prominent part of my drawing), I realized it was all swirly and snake-like.... and then the rest just happened. hehehe. Hope you like it Perry ;)

As for the name, kind of just goes with the whole snake-woman theme... i'm almost tempted to say that this is what Joralyal Lamia look like... maybe they transform into snakes. Or maybe their hair turns into a giant boa, or it just acts like the tail would for the classic mythos lamia and they have serpent tongues of course... or maybe they just control snake... hmmm... it's fun to mess with the myths. ;p
:XD: how could I resist?.... #deviantartistquestionnaire 

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? Apparently 7 years and 10 month exactly. I joined on October 7, 2007. If I recall correctly, that means I joined the year I started going to law school... a few months in. Actually that's probably true. I joined a fanfiction writing site first, started writing fanfiction as a distraction from law school... then I started drawing for my fanfiction, and I needed a place to post it and I had seen some stuff on deviantart before, just by googling... so I was aware of the site but I wasn't really here... not until I posted my first deviation one month and four days later on November 11, 2007. 

  2. What does your username mean? It's actually a very very very old username, but I've gotten so used to it that I just never changed it. Sorceress2000 was what I came up with when I was around 15 or 16. By then I knew I was going to graduate early from high school, in the year 2000, so 2000 what was I choose. Sorceress just comes from the fact that I'm a huge fan of the fantasy genre (I like science fiction too but I've always loved fantasy and magic more than science and technology). 

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Kind. Smart. Beautiful (and I don't mean it in a superficial way). 

  4. Are you left or right handed? Ambidextrous. 

  5. What was your first deviation? This right here --> Team 7 of Oz: Original by Sorceress2000

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Fanart... but original fanart now.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Traditional. 

  8. What was your first favourite? Apparently... Naruto ep 196 by AnnaGiladi

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? fanart

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? hmmm... I really enjoy a lot of different artists and their different styles. I think if I have to pick someone they'd probably be people who I've spoke to and become friends with more so than people I've quietly followed or favorited, because as much as I love browsing galleries and seeing the pretties out there... it's the connections we make with other artists of all types of genres... the friendships we've grown and tended to over the years... those have been my favorites :D

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Oh... a lot of people I think... just about everyone from #heartshrinevillage and most definitely EVERYONE at Joralyal !!! And of course everyone who I'm friends with (as in watching, cos I really only watch friends).

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? You know... I've met some of my best friends on here.. and I've met some other wonderful, amazing, talented, spectacular artists and all around fantastic human beings... :D I've never felt more loved and loathed than I have here on dA and some of that wasn't so great, but it was all a good learning and living experience :D 

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? My finger! :P seriously.. touchpad and gimp, all you need ;)

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? in my room... 

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? #heartshrinevillage  despite it all... it was wonderful :D

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