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it would be a childrens book... evy would be played by a sheepish little doggie with bright pink bows and a white collar with a little bell on it to jingle along as she tours the big city. :XD: 
someone needs to make this book!

hahaha... anyyyyyyway

So yeah, in like 4 hours my plane takes off from sunny San Diego to Washington D.C... according to my ticket it's to take 8 hours 37 minutes... though there is a layover of 1h 42m in Boston... so really it's more like 7 hours of flying... agh. where did I pack my melatonin again? Well in any case I'll at least get a lot of knitting done.


I'm actually kind of excited but totally nervous/scared/anxious/slightly overwhelmed to be going on this trip. If I were just visiting it'd be one thing, but I'm going for legal reasons... as in a conference where I'm going to be getting trained on court room tactics for immigration cases focusing on victims of domestic violence. I'm excited to learn, not so excited about the live roleplay... I'm not an actress, I am ridiculously bashful, and I turn RED... then purple (cos I forget to breathe when extremely nervous)...

*deep breath*

So yeah... off I go. No ride to the airport so I've got to take off like soon to make it there. 

I'll be gone from Today until Thursday night, so I probably won't be around until Friday... be prepared for a lot of pictures being uploaded... you've been warned...

BYE!!!! :iconcloudsplz::iconplaneplz::iconcloudsplz:
Stew by Sorceress2000
I bought a new camera for my business trip to D.C. next week (omg I'm so grown up! I'm taking business trips to legal conferences! wooo!)... and so I was testing it out to play with the settings and what's the first thing I take a picture of? my food (omg I just went from a grown up to a clueless teen/20-something in the span of 2 sentences! ;p )


This is both to show you my lovely cooking and also to warn you all that next weekend I'm probably going to be uploading a whole bunch of pictures from my trip... i only have 1/2 a day off where I'm not in conferences ... and well the evenings... unless the nuns I'm staying with have rules about that... you never know in a convent... anyway...

This is a stew.. it was supposed to be a soup, but like all my soups... it didn't work out that way...
Sausage (precooked)
Carrots (pre shredded)
Red Bellpeppers
Garlic powder
Cayenne powder

Your full name: Evelyn, but I go by Evy
--What does it mean?: Eve = Life; Lyn= Beautiful... therefore Beautiful Life. And I do have a very beautiful life. :)
Religion: Roman Catholic
--Have you ever changed religions?: no, though there was a time I just simply didn't identify as such. Recently though I've reconnected with my past. Not necessarily the way it once was, but I guess working day in and day out with a nun in the office and reconnecting with the fact that my life's purpose is in the service of others, I just kind of naturally came back it. I admit though, the biggest step in that direction was when my best friend told me she was going to have a baby and I knew the only way to become godmother was to confirm myself back into Catholicism and I didn't really want to do it just to pay lip service, because even when I stopped identifying as such I still held a great love and respect for the religion I was born into.
--Would you consider it?: I wouldn't say no, exactly. The religious institute is not necessarily what's important to me as much as spirituality. It would be difficult to leave Christianity though, but well I'm open to many beliefs and many possibilities, that was the only way I could accept my confirmation without feeling like a hypocrite.
Your job: Civil Rights Immigration Attorney
--Do you enjoy it?: I do. I've wanted to be an attorney since I was 8, I wanted to work with victim women and children and that's what I do. I've fullfilled my life's goal. My happiness comes from getting to help these people.

If you were to kill a man, horror movie style, which kitchen utensil would you use? Hehehe funny, right after my talking about my life's purpose being to help others I'm being asked how I would kill a man... hmmm... knife would probably be the easiest kitchen utensil but I'd be afraid that it would get turned on me and I'd end up getting hurt... so could I say iron cast skillet?  

What is your most embarrassing childhood memory? If I told you I actually would have the kill you... that one goes to my grave with me. Fortunately the only other person who knows what happened is convinced it happened to him... yeah it was that traumatizing that he absorbed it as his own.  

How many kids do you want? I don't know. I want to say 2-3... maybe even just one, but lately I've been thinking none. Mostly because... well kids are a lot of work. And while I used to think I could definitely do it on my own, lately I've come to realize that it's hard enough just taking care of myself that having to take care of/be responsible for another is just too much. Maybe in a few years when i'm a little more stable in my career I might adopt, but given the field I'm working in, the fact that I'll always be making next to nothing and in massive debt... maybe it's a challenge that I don't need to put in front of myself... Plus it's an added expense and it's not cheap adopting and raising kids. I'll be honest ever since I was very young I wanted to have children but I don't think it's going to happen for me. I can see myself maybe adopting one child when I'm like 40 maybe and I start feeling lonely but who knows maybe I won't feel lonely, maybe I'll feel like traveling and it's a lot easier to travel alone than with a kid, which is kind of sad to say but it's just the truth. Well we'll see a decade from now how I feel about this topic... it's probably always going to be in the back of my mind until the options not an option any more.  

Who do you hate? No one. I don't have the energy to hate anyone.  

What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of this year? Hmmm... the year's nearly finished so .. I don't have many goals for this year I guess. I'm hoping to go to Washington D.C. And that will be accomplished next week. And then Vegas in a month... I hope to accomplish buying a dining table. Yup that's the extend of my hope for this year...

Did you ever wake up under the influence of NyQuil, completely unable to move? No, but I have woken up drunk on NyQuil before... I was very very sick that week...

Whats your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean flavor? I like them all... but I will admit I have a preference for the buttered popcorn one which seems very weird to me, but it's yummy.

If you could be anywhere in the world doing anything right now what would it be? I'd be in China vacationing. Or sleep in my bed... I am in bed, just not sleeping.  

Do you know anyone in prison? No I don't think so... well other than clients but I don't really know-know them, you know?

Are you named after one of your parents or grandparents? No, but I am named after my aunt Evelyn, who was married to my uncle Felipe. They never had kids, I don't think she could. She took my mom in when mom left her village at age 17 and came to the U.S. Mom loved her. So mom named me after her. They thought I was going to be a boy so they didn't really prepare a name until I was born and surprise surprise I was a girl!

Would you rather be a girl or a guy? You know, sometimes it does seem like life would be easier if I was a guy... and honestly the guys in my family all hit the genetic jackpot... sadly I, as the only female,... not so much. But in all honesty I do like being a girl... except for a few days in the month, but other than that I do... except when I feel like i'm not really a real girl... yeah that's depressing... especially the older I get and the more constant reminders I get about it... yeah that's depressing...

Would you rather have a million dollars or true love? I'd like to say true love. I would. But right now I could really use the million dollars to pay off my student loans. I'm also pretty sure that I'm just not going to find this illusive true love thing... mostly because I'm not quite looking or feeling I should have it, but also because I could the debt-free-ness of a million bucks...  

Would you rather date someone 2 years older then you or 20 years older then you? Probably younger mostly because 2 year age difference isn't that big so we might have more in common than someone whose 20 years different... though again I am totally an old lady at heart so I might have more in common with someone 20 years older than me than someone 2 years younger than me... but I'm better probably no.  

How many proms have you been to in your life? One, just my own.  

Do you worry about global warming? I do. I worry that we're going to pay the consequences in the future or if not us our child or our children's children will... and that's messed up that we're not doing more to leave them a planet worth having...

What kind of birth control do you use? Abstinence... I should really know how to spell that... too many Es in my original attempt...  

Did or do you think your childhood dreams will come true? They did! Well I really only had one dream, and that one came true so I'll count it as my childhood dreams all came true. :XD:

Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem? I don't even... oh wait, isn't it O Canada?... yeah that's about all I know... unless I don't even know that... Steph? ;p

Man--inherently good, or inherently evil?: This is a good question... I would say neither. Well... no, I'm an optimist so I have to be believe man is inherently evil, but the realist in me (who I very rarely allow out to speak) think that we're neither. We're born completely blank, neither good nor evil, but we learn. Most of us learn to be good because we are taught that that is the socially acceptable choice between the two. I think what is inherent is our desire to be liked. In some of us it's stronger than others. And to be liked one usually has to be good because as I precious said it's what is socially acceptable. A good person is liked. A evil person is disliked. We want to be liked, therefore we want to be a good person. That's not to say we're good as just an act, it's just that we are socially conditioned to want to be good people and so we try to be good people. Our emotions and feelings revolve around wanting to be good people. Of course we're only human so we do mess up, and because we've been conditioned to think being evil is bad, we feel guilty when we're not good. Regardless of the reasons we may want to be good and whether it's for the right reasons, the point is that man I, once introduced into society (which happens as early as infancy when our parents begin training us on what is right and what is wrong... and that is very early, just think of the reinforcement we give babies and toddlers, think about it), we become inherently good. We genuinely want to be good and most often things come from a good place...although if you think about it it really comes from a selfish place... a place of wanting to be liked... but I don't necessarily believe selfishness is an evil thing... too much isn't good, but it's good from time to time to be selfish because if we don't take care of ourselves... if we don't love ourselves first, then who will?

The Oracle Speaks...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 8:22 PM
Oracle by Sorceress2000

Dear inhabitants of Joralyal, to celebrate the upcoming holiday season you are all cordially invited to join in a 2-month long Festival . Our 4 lands will be holding their own various nationally-themed festivities throughout this time. Along with this, a bit of our world history will be revealed through blogs and submissions. Everyone is invited to join and participate in the development of our world building. Please refer to the following for the details. If anyone has any additional questions feel free to ask.


DURATION : November 1 through December 31st


:bulletpurple: Any inhabitant of Joralyal can participate

:bulletgreen: All OCs (including the 3 that are not your main OC) are allowed to be part of the festivities

:bulletred: As this is the first Arc and most OCs are just being developed, the OCs personality and character are allowed to be fluid at this time (meaning you can toy around with their age, look, personality, etc during this time... after the 2 months are over, however, the character you choose is your character... meaning if you're a 12 year old female pixie, you can toy with her for the duration of the festival, when magic abounds, but by the end of it... if you've changed your OC to a 58 year old male pixie than that's what you're “stuck with”)

:bulletblue: relationships during this 2-month period can also be “test driven” so people can figure out what kind of relationships they want their OCs to be a part of.

:bulletpurple: Each country will have it's own sets of festivals throughout the duration and you are welcome to go to all of them (or none of them, it's your choice)




Tentative Festival Activities

:bulletpurple: Secret Santa

:bulletgreen: Toy Drive

:bulletred: 12 days of Christmas

:bulletblue: Festival of Lights

:bulletpurple: Temple Visits

:bulletgreen: Carnival

more to come

In Order to Participate...

:bulletpurple: Must have your OC cards finished (not the personality ones, but at least the name and short-form personalities) for any OC you would be using.

:bulletgreen: Sign up for anything that might require signing up for (like secret santa)

:bulletred: Participate in whatever you sign for

:bulletblue: Post your entries


:bulletpurple: This is mostly for fun

:bulletgreen: To get to know your fellow residents

:bulletred: To encourage / form new friendships

:bulletblue: To develop your Ocs

:bulletpurple: Quest Point Prizes and other prizes will also be given throughout the festivities



City of Gold by Sorceress2000
City of Gold
another one for :iconkelsanity:... i will rename it once you choose a name, but since it came out so yellowish I decided to give this it's temp name / nickname maybe? ;p 


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I miss Nejitenplz. </3 Guess, I haven't been on dA much. Time was slower when I kept doing things online...time passed by in RL really fast. :(
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