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Violet Storm by Sorceress2000
Violet Storm
For :iconnuclearraven: Happy belated Birthday!

This is his second OC for the RWBY show. Her name is Violet Storm... aka Violent Storm. ;)
Recently I've been thinking a lot about last year, and a lot has happened... the year before that was pretty eventful too. a pretty good year in fact, I remember at the end of 2014 I was thinking that I had had one of the best years ever, having become a licensed attorney and all the trips I got to do... I set my sights on an even better 2015, but to be honest I forgot about the huge pep talk I gave myself, and the goals I'd set:
2014 was good to me...January 2014 ... I got sworn in as an attorney
February 2014 ... Actually did something for Valentines day for once! lol it was fun. 
March 2014 ... Got my ears pierced for the first time in 20 years! hey that's a pretty big accomplishment!
April 2014 ... I moved out on my own (well my brother moved out with me... and it's not the first time we moved out, though previously it was separately, but still... it's an accomplishment!)
May 2014 ...  I got my first official bar card (well technically it happened a day before may, but I needed something for May)
June 2014 ... Found out I was going to be a Godmother!!! XD
July 2014 ... My Birthday! ... okay that happens every year but this year I had a party and it went quite well if I do say so myself.
August 2014 ... Went on a 10 day trip to Puebla and a few other states in Mexico
September 2014 ... Made new friends!... seriously in just a few months I've made some incredible great friends whom I've been spending a lot of time w
2015: The year of ME!HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!
I've decided that 2015 is going to be my year! mom agrees. apparently her astrologer told her that 2015 is a big year for Cancerians... of which I am one... my brother jose is too. But that just reinforces what I already knew, 2015 is going to be my year!
Now I'm sure you've all been hearing plenty about new years resolutions... we all talk about them, some of us hate them (most of us probably), some of us swear we'll never do them, some of us make them and never keep them (again, most of us)... so I'm not going to bore us with a long list of things that I probably won't keep either...
This year I've decided on ONE resolution... One promise to myself. for 2015, I resolve to MAKE AN EFFORT
This year is the year of "YES"
It's the year I will try.
It isn't that I haven't tried before. It's just that I rarely want to do anything, so I don't. This year I will WANT. Even if I don't really, I will make myself want. I will make the effort to WANT.

I reread those last two journals from last year and starting thinking about how great 2015 was.. well actually, unlike 2014 that was just one great thing after another, 2015 was more of a mixed bag. I had some highs and lows, but for the most part, I think in the long run I ended up with more positives than negatives. 

January 2015 ... 

February 2015 ... my god daughter was born and I got to 

March 2015 ... This month was my dad's 60th birthday and me and the boy finally got him the non-cheap telescope he'd always wanted (he had cheap $100 ones from big5, but never a really good one... until now!)

April 2015 ... was able to take out my earring studs and start using different earrings (I now have over 100 pairs of earrings in my collection!)

May 2015 ... Went on a diet that actually work (lost 25 lbs by the end of the year!)

June 2015 ... I became a godmother! :D

July 2015 ... My Birthday! ... okay that happens every year but this year I had a party and it went quite well if I do say so myself.

August 2015 ... officially diagnosed with diabetes (which wasn't much of a surprise since they told us when my brother was 11 that statistically one of us other kids was also going to have it, it's actually being controlled pretty well though, so none issue)

September 2015 ... met a die-hard doctor who friend who is now my bff (which is great timing because the bff I met back in Sept 2014 moved to Portland so I needed a new one). 

October 2015 ... dyed my hair blue!... briefly ... and pink and teal and platinum blonde... it was a very trying week for my hair... (p.s. most of it was spray colors).

November 2015 ... Got my driver's license... yes, in September 2015 I wouldn't have even imagined I'd be doing that, didn't even want to try... but I did it!, and then at the end of November, I bought my 2015 Toyota Rav4... and I love my Petunia so much!!!

December 2015 ... Went on a 10 day trip to Puebla again... whereupon I went to a witch doctor to be beaten black and blue, but my parents swear it'll cure my diabetes, so they feel better... i cried lol, but hey at least I have a pretty interesting story to tell. 

See? overall my year was great! and I'm very excited about 2016 because I just KNOW this year is going to be a hundred times better...starting with me winning the powerball next week...


but I digress...

If 2015 was the year of "Yes!"... 2015: The year of Yes!.... then 2016 is the year of FIGHT!... this year I'm going to fight hard to make sure I get everything I want. I'm going to try harder than I've ever tried before, I'm going to keep pushing myself past my limits... I'm going to go until I can't go any further and then I'm going to fight on even more... This year is truly going to be my best year because this year I'm going kill it!
Sketchdump2015 by Sorceress2000
Just all the unfinished stuff I found,I feel like some of these may have gotten done, but I can't remember. Anyway, 2016 I will be starting all new so these are probably not going to see any color added to them... hmm maybe one or two of them but only of the finished ones. the ones that are just eyes and heads and stuff are just going to stay that. 

Happy New year Everyone!


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