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Happy Birthday Steph by Sorceress2000
Happy Birthday Steph
For :iconrikku9314: whose birthday it is today. We're not as close as we used to be but still love you Steph and so I wanted to give you a little something.

I stayed home today... cos you know, got hit by a bus on monday, and today was my least busy day at work, so I figured I could rest a little. Anyway, since I had time to myself I decided to draw... haven't been doing anything Naruto related in a while, and honestly I'm kind of done with that. But I do still love Neji so much. wanted to do a Nejiten, but... wasn't sure if I had enough time. I will do a Nejiten again at some point... consider it an IOU steph. I'll get Nejiten done too. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :D 

Imma nap now... otherwise what's the point of a day off to rest? ;p
This morning I got attacked by a bus!

My usual 701 arrived at the trolley station around 8:28-8:29 am. I noticed the time because the train going north that usually arrives around 8:30 had arrived early and had left before we got to the station. Another passenger disembarked ahead of me. As I was half-way on the ramp, it suddenly activated and I was pushed forward, I managed to catch myself as I fell face first into the pavement using my left hand as support, incidentally twisting it a little awkwardly, then I rolled and fell onto my back. I was laying there for only a second as I saw the ramp coming down onto my head and was just barely able to roll off to my right side and miss the ramp slamming down on me. The driver then ran out as I began standing up, along with a large crowd of people. The driver asked me if I was alright. The adrenaline in me prevented me from feeling any pain at that moment. The driver called someone else, an older American American gentleman who came to look at the mechanical error that may have triggered the ramps release. The driver attempted to lift the ramp up but it didn't seem to respond to her in the first instance. She tried again and the second time it did seem to respond though it still appeared to be glitchy.

The driver again asked me if I was okay and whether I hurt my head, I was still under the adrenaline rush but I did let her know that I did not hit my head on the ramp, and I don't believe I hit my head on the pavement either. The driver, a bit shaken by the incident herself, asked me for my name, address and phone number, which I gave to her. She wrote the information down on one of the bus schedules. She then went back to talk to the older gentleman who was there to see about the bus and I asked if I could leave, as I did not want to miss the next trolley and was already running a bit behind for work. She told me it was fine, but again asked if I was feeling okay. I told her that I was more shaken then anything else and in fact at that time I did not yet feel any pain. During the course of the day my back, neck, and waist began feeling a little sore. More than anything, however, I spent most of the day in an agitated state. I

Oh but that's not where the machine uprising ended for me... 

When I got to the second bus, after the train, the bus that arrived there broke down. So I had to wait another 20 minutes for the next one. Then when I finally got to work, I pushed the button for the elevator and waited 5 minutes for it to arrive (had to push it 3 more times because the light kept going off. I only waited because the elderly receptionist arrived around the same time I did and I offered to carry a big heavy box she had picked up from the mail... well not that heavy but heavy for her). Then we got on the elevator and it very slowly took us to our floor, and then it arrived, but not entirely and the doors opened... but not entirely. Thankfully we were able to pull ourselves out of there and then I swore never to get back on that thing again!

I avoided machines for the rest of the day... except for my laptop of course cos I love my laptop. :D

So yeah... today was... interesting. 

Today is a bittersweet day.. 

Today I end a long term emotional rollercoaster-y relationship that has brought me so many highs and lows throughout the years. I still remember the first day, back in 2007... I was at Vons with my mom, she pointed me over to a bin of $1 books and the most gorgeous hardcover I'd ever seen... Faith of the Fallen. I opened the book jacket and read the first line "She didn't remember dying." I was hooked! I took it home only to discover that there were characters who felt as if I should have known and loved and I did love them even despite not knowing them, so when I soon realized this was the 6th of 12 books (well 11, but I did also buy the prequel: Dept of Bones)... It didn't matter. The little I glimpsed of this magical world was enough for me to go out and buy all 12 books in one go.

i can't believe it's been 8 years since I started the Sword of Truth series... I read 1-2 (1-Wizard's First Rule ... 2-Stone of Tears) and half of book 3 (Blood of the fold... grrrrrr!!!!) in the first year (2007). then I got angry. finished book 3 in china (summer 2009), thought I had brought book 4 (Temple of the Winds) with me but actually brought book 5 (Soul of the Fire) so I lost track of the series for like 2 years after that... I got side-tracked with other things and didn't start on book 4 until 2011... and then got angry again and took off a year. In 2012 I read the rest of 4 through 7, half of 8 + the prequel (6- Faith of the Fallen... Finally!!! was by far my most hated and most loved book of the series! especially the ending!... 7- The Pillars of Creation..... 8- Naked Empire)... and then got angry again, didn't pick it up again until mid-2013. read the rest of 8 through 10 and half of 11 (9-Chainfire... 10- Phantom.... 11- Confessor), started feeling sad about it ending... read half of book 11 up to late December 2013 then got too sad to continue so I stopped until early this year where I was reading maybe a half a chapter every other month... and then this week I started reading it again.

Tonight I finished. I loved these characters SO much!... I'm so sad to see them go :( I know that the Omen Machine is still out there and that I could go back to them, but honestly I haven't heard good things, and right now it's a bittersweet day because I've finished). I feel a great sense of accomplishment, but at the same time I am utterly heartbroken. I've never loved a series as much as I love this one and I've never loved a character as much as I love Richard. I will miss them all so much. "Master Rahl guide us. Master Rahl teach us. Master Rahl protect us. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours."

Richard Rahl by Sorceress2000


He fixed my laptop. I'll be honest, my plan was just to buy a new one. that's what I do when electronics break. Him? he's a fixer, not a buyer. So I went and took a nap today after work, left my laptop plugged into the tv because... really what do I need a laptop that I can't use in my room for? I woke up from my nap, my laptop was moved... clicked a button and omg it works!... clearly no fairies walked in and fixed it, so the only possible solution...? my brother fixed it! You know... as jerky as he can be some times... he's actually a good guy. I think I'll keep him. 
My laptop is... not broken. an hour ago I thought it was. turns out it's just the screen. fortunately for me, my brother's television, which is situated in the living room, can be connected to my laptop. unfortunately, today I had an argument with him because for the last few weeks I've been hooking my computer up to it to watch netflix on it. before this we used to watch netflix together on his tv using his laptop all the time, and it was always his shows, nothing I could choose... which was fine by me despite the fact that I pay the netflix account and if he's on it I couldn't be on it because my parents also use my account and from what I've been told only two devices can be on it at the same time...

but I digress...

lately though, I will admit that it is a bit unfair that he comes home and my friends are over watching netflix with me on his tv... and so he has to (or so he feels though we always welcome him to join us and eat of our snacks but he always declines), go to his room and watch something on his laptop... well today a friend of mine was coming over to marathon Game of Thrones before tomorrow's premier... half an hour before she arrived my brother griped about the unfairness of him not being able to use his tv... which I agreed with and apologized. then he said I should buy his tv from him so he could buy another; or in the alternative I should by myself my own tv. i thought it was a little "eh" considering we do share a lot of other things... like the couch I bought, the plates i bought, the pots and pans I bought, the bar stools I bought... But I understood. and I decided it seemed fair so I asked him how much. 

Now remember... this is my brother. I know he's had this tv for the last 2 or 3 years. up until January he had it in his room and then moved it out to the living room... so he's had about 1.5 (min) exclusive use of this tv. it's an old model. He paid less than $100 for it... i think it was about $75-90. He did, however, stand in line on black friday to buy it. and the actual retail price of it at the time that he purchased it was around $300. 

In my mind, given that it is old, given that he did not pay full price on it. I thought he'd give me a reasonable deal. Okay perhaps thinking he'd give it to me at the full price he paid for it might have been an unreasonable price. Heck, if he charged that to someone else he sold it to off the street, I'd probably think it was a bad idea. But I am his sister. I do live him him so he would still have use of it and I intended to tell me friends they couldn't come over every day after work any more so that my bro could watch tv too... 

When when I asked him how much... he told me $300. His reasoning was that that was how much it would cost him to upgrade to a new tv, which he wouldn't have to buy if I wasn't using his. I'll give him that. he will have to pay more than what he paid this his current tv to get a NEWER MODEL... but it didn't seem fair... I felt like I was getting ripped off by my brother. and to make worst, it reminded me that I live in an apartment with 2 bedrooms and a study. we were going to split the study but from the moment we moved in, he's had the study... and to top it off, he's got the master bedroom which is twice the size of mine... but we split the rent equally. That's not fair. But I never complained because he's my brother and I know how much money we make and in that respect splitting the rent down the middle seemed perfectly fair. Then I remembered that he owes me $2700 from money I loaned him to fix his car 6-7 years ago. I don't remind him he owes me money and honestly never intended to for a multitude of reasons... 1. because he's my brother. i trust (erroneously I know) that someday he will pay me back. 2. my other brother john who could probably never pay me back owes me $1000 and my parents own me $2100... if I told my brother (roommate brother) to pay me the $2700 it would be unfair of me to not also tell my parents and my brother john to pay me what they owe me. 3. John owes my roommate brother money... if I charge my roommate-brother the $2700 he owes me, he'll start collecting on the dept which John owes him and Johnny will never be able to pay him. so for the last 7 years (back when I had money and most of my family didn't), I've been not collecting on the $5800 that is owed to me... now that seems unfair. A few years back when I was considerably down on my luck (seriously, $160 in my pocket for like 2 years... that's why my parents owe me nothing, they put up with me while I studied for the bar and never once collected... the very reason why I have no problems sending them money every pay check and buying everything whenever mom and I go out shopping; weather it's retail or grocery)... a few years back I tried to collect. my brother (roommate) told me that it wasn't even my money I loaned him, so why should I worry about it... it was out of my student loan money from when I was in law school. So technically he's right, I didn't work for the money I loaned them... but now I am paying interest on that money and it's part of the massive debt I'm in... so I'd say it's my money. 


Anyway... loooooooooong story short (well too late I guess)... the screen on my laptop is dead. The only way that I am able to communicate this to you is because my brother is out and I fiddled around with my computer for an hour before I got the bright idea to hook it up to the tv... there was a bit of a problem them because the default setting I had it at was that my laptop expanded onto a second screen and not projected... so I was looking at the "dummy" screen and couldn't get access to my main screen/desktop-area... i messed around with it a little more and now here I am! yay!... now the default seeing is to duplicate onto a second screen. so I can use my laptop on this tv, but as I've explained above, it's unlikely that I will be on this tv unless. 1. I buy the tv from my brother at $300... which I might just do though I still feel it's unreasonable... $150 maybe... $200... mmm I'd almost be willing, but not the $300... I might though. if I get desperate enough. or 2. only when he's out of the house. I have no problem using the tv when he's gone and getting off when he's not... unless of course he decides to move the tv to his room again and then I'm just screwed until I get a new computer or tv... i'm aiming for the computer. but given that I work at a non profit... and with all my godmotherly and parental expenses lately, I've already had to cut my food expenses to still end up living paycheck to paycheck (seriously, this morning I had literally $14 to live off of for the next week... and then my friend came over so I spent $12 on groceries so I could feed her something... yeah I've got $2 until payday. damn I wish I'd complained earlier about the fact my check was $100 short last time... oh well. I'll make it!)


The point is I might not be online for hmmm... I'm thinking 4-5 months at the earliest. if i'm lucky I'll save up sooner and for my birthday (in july) I'll treat myself and buy myself one of those cheap $200-300 laptops. But until then, what this means is that my daily drawings/writings are no longer going to be posted... shame... wish I'd ended on something better... hmmm maybe I can find something I've started already and post it... i know I have some linearts lying around in my folders. :XD:

until I see you all again (or if by some miracle my laptop screen comes back to life, or I find an amazing job that actually pays me what I'm worth), Bye Bye for now! :XD:

oh and for :iconjoralyal: I still hope it keeps moving forward, I might have a bunch of new ideas when I get back from this, but I encourage others to keep going, post ideas, run wild with it, you've got free reign! :XD: 

Love you all!


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