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I've been meaning to do more drabble work for :iconjoralyal: lately, since I still need to flesh out the characters and history and all... and I've been thinking of doing any number of 100 prompt challenges out there, but I thought it'd also be fun to make one up for the group. So here's a list I made just now... instead of cleaning ;p... procrastination at it's finest. most of these come from song titles/lyrics (all spanish songs, translated to english here so you likely won't be able to look them up)... they're not all exact translations because sometimes I heard a song and another thought popped into my head... so it was also somewhat word-association... though the vast majority (at least 60%) are probably direct translations... anyway, enjoy!

and to anyone who is interested in helping me out with the drabbles I'm planning on doing... pick a number below and an OC of mine from Joralyal that I should do the drabble on! (if you can't think of a JRLA character, then pick one of my HSV characters, I love writing about them too!)

  1. If you see her

  2. Unnoticed

  3. Wish I could forget

  4. I don't know why

  5. Now what?

  6. Without air

  7. Whisper in my ear

  8. A lifetime without you

  9. I will always wait

  10. You never taught me

  11. If you look my way

  12. Return

  13. I don't want to

  14. Dedicated to the forgotten

  15. It hurts

  16. Save me

  17. No thank you

  18. What little time remains

  19. What I want

  20. I will never forget

  21. Broken Hearted

  22. Filled with springtime

  23. It's not the same

  24. All day

  25. Pay attention

  26. Parted lips

  27. Winter

  28. I am going to love you

  29. I remember

  30. See you again

  31. Something changed

  32. Still searching

  33. The beach

  34. Take me there

  35. Stay silent

  36. Inevitable

  37. I'm trying

  38. Awakening

  39. Sound of the drums

  40. Worth it

  41. A moment like this

  42. Carry on

  43. You are my sun

  44. Soft

  45. The memory of you

  46. Gentle fire

  47. Not me

  48. Dreams

  49. Roses

  50. Fault

  51. Most beautiful thing

  52. Tastes like chocolate

  53. What did you do

  54. Blinded

  55. Thorny heart

  56. I need you

  57. Action and reaction

  58. One more night

  59. Heat of the sun

  60. Still here

  61. Seduction

  62. Who cares

  63. Sweet insanity

  64. Beautiful betrayal

  65. A minute away

  66. Painless poison

  67. Open your heart

  68. Tired of the rain

  69. Despite it all

  70. Sealed in my heart

  71. Switch it up

  72. Oh how the mockingbird sings

  73. Bad people

  74. You'll burn for this

  75. I hear it all the time

  76. Move those feet

  77. Like this

  78. What did you expect

  79. Don't waste my time

  80. You're weird

  81. New haircut

  82. Spread

  83. Patience

  84. Repeat

  85. Pastry

  86. Effortless

  87. Over it

  88. Blue

  89. Smile

  90. Not the best

  91. I am who I am

  92. You're everywhere

  93. I wanna win

  94. Never alone

  95. Fear nothing

  96. First time

  97. I have a feeling

  98. Now or never

  99. Slow and smooth

  100. One true love

today I saw the Doctor Who episode where they do the 1-word test... then I happened upon this quiz... seemed fitting. And I think I'd like to extend this out to anyone reading as a sort of challenge. Find the perfect word... think carefully on it. Dig Deep. This was fun. A bit challenging in some but fun none the less. If anyone has any questions (either to explain my answers) or if you have one-word questions you want to pose to me, comment below, I loved doing this and would love more questions! :D

answer with one word only

Yourself:  Kind

Your Lover: Imaginary

Your Hair: Loved

Your Mother: Strong

Your Father: Amazing

Your Favorite Item: Kindle

Your Dream Last Night: Nightmarish

Your Favorite Drink: Water

Your Dream Home: Warm

The Room You Are In: Messy

Your Pets: Gone

What You Are Now: ...Hopeful

Who You Want to be in Ten Years: Happy

What You Want to be in Ten Years: Happy

What You're Not: Unhappy

Your Best Friend: Me

One of Your Wishlist Items: laptop

Your Gender: Female

The Last Thing You Did: Draw

What You Are Wearing: Purple

Your Favorite Weather: Thunder

Your Favorite Book: Alchemist

The Last Thing You Ate: Bland

Your Life: Dull

Your Mood: Sleepy

Favorite article of clothing:  Yoga

Favorite color:  Green

School:  Done

Biggest fear: Love

Weakness: Family

Addiction:  Sweets

Most embarrassing moment:  Young

Marriage:  Old

Kids:  godchild

Right now: Sleepy

And with that I'm off to bed. night!
ALLEN'S BACK!!!! by Sorceress2000
I have been so out of it lately... barely any time for anything... sooooo behind on so many of my series, and then this evening I saw the impossible... a new chapter of D.Gray Man?... What?! it's... noo... really? OMG! it's true! I was so happy!!!!! They're back! and it's looking good! omg so happy!!!! 

OTL... I am out of practice... Allen should be prettier... OTL..
Personal Wellness Training Session 3...

I have a friend who calls herself bad names... actually... come to think of it I have a few friends who call themselves some pretty awful things. I'm not one to stay silent about this sort of thing and on many occasions have told these friends that they shouldn't do that. 

The world is filled with ugliness... and I don't mean aesthetically... I mean truly cruel, disgusting, unsavory types... believe me, in my line of work, I have seen the worst of the worse. My point is, there is enough ugliness that we don't need to add to it. We certainly don't need to be thrusting this ugliness on to ourselves. 

Everyone knows that it's important to treat others kindly and to be good to others. The golden rule and all. But that's just it though. The golden rule runs both ways. It's not just about treating others well. Remember what the golden rule actually says... Treat others as you would like to be treated. What does that mean? It means you have to be treated well also. You treat other's well, but you also have to be treated well... you have to want to be treated well. Most importantly, you have to want to treat yourself well. 

The "assignment" I gave out last week, where I said anyone following these journals should tell themselves "I love you" every morning... I also added in that you don't have to believe it, you don't have to feel it, you don't have to think it's true (not yet any way... we'll get to that)... you just have to say it. Well, like they say "fake it til you make it!"...

For this week's assignment... I have something new in mind. For the next week every morning wake up and go to your mirror and tell yourself one nice thing about yourself. And yes, this one has to be true. If it take you a while to figure out one nice thing that's okay, just find something nice!... it could be something as simple as "I have a nice name" or "My hair's a nice color" ... or it could be something more meaningful like... "I have a good heart" "I'm always willing to lend a helping hand" "I believe in the goodness of others"... find something to praise yourself on and focus on that goodness about yourself for the rest of the day. Everyone has beauty in them, you just have to be willing to open yourself to seeing it. 


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