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Merfolk by Sorceress2000

Merfolk (also known a “The Mer”) existed long ago. The Pirate clans of the Free Islands are said to be descended from them. 

there was a siren/selkie/spirit lore to it that gone now. we're keeping the blue skin though!!! XD

GoAkiKiHar by Sorceress2000
I would have drawn a more complicated background but it's 1:30am.. I'm going to bed. 

oh... and obviously this takes place before or after the pregnancy/birth stuff... not sure since not sure what the fate of HaruKiki will be but either way like always it jus seems like Kiki is being all hopelessly in love with him and he barely notices... poor Kiki.

Gosai and Aki (c) me
Kiki (c) Me and Wolffie12 
Haru (c) Wolffie12 

Someone had thought this was a good idea. Who that was now failed Aki's memory. Across the room from her, she watched as Kan shifted in her chair. She seemed about as excited as the younger Kobiru twin to be in the room.

It wasn't exactly that Aki disliked Kan. She didn't particularly feel either which way for her.  

Aki and Kan were both about the same age, and they had both just given birth recently; both of them first time mothers. For some reason someone had thought it meant they'd want to spend time together. Aki hadn't protested, though she was still more than a little tired for visits, but somehow she'd been convinced this was a good idea. Sitting across from the younger Byakko sister, Aki let out a deep sigh. Briefly, Kan turned as if waiting for her to speak, but when she realized nothing would come after this, she turned her attention back to the small child in her arms. Aki had just put the twins to sleep when Kan arrived.  

“He looks good,” the sandy-haired woman commented, looking over at the small child in Kan's arms. Natsu. Her nephew. She smiled thinking that he would have had the same name as her daughter, had Aki and Gosai not decided to change her name right after she was born. They had picked the name out months earlier, wanting to give the twins a shared name like Aki and Haru had, but when she was born, the name just didn't seem to fit. They still kept the Summer and Winter theme that they had wanted; mirroring Aki and Haru's Autumn and Spring names.  

“Yeah,” Kan nodded. The conversation died there. If Aki weren't so tired she would have worried about it feeling awkward. Kan probably felt much the same way as she made no effort to continue.  

She tried to remember how it was they'd interacted in the past. Aki and Kan had all but grown up together. Their two clans had always been united. Hell, their older siblings were so close they were practically attached at the hip. Kan was even close to Haru. But for some odd reason, Aki and Kan had just never been that close. During family functions, they would greet each other, but almost always the two women would venture off to different sides of the room.  

During their academy years Aki and Kan had scarcely interacted with one another either. They had each had their own group of friends and completely different interests. Whereas Kan had been focused more on medicine, herbs, history and science, for Aki it had been the physical more than the mental aspects of their schooling that had really caught her attention. She'd been all about the shiny and the pointy, the hitting and the physical exertion. This didn't leave very much room for overlap.  


As they got older, Aki's missions had been different from Kan. They rarely got teamed up together, and even rarely ran into each other in the village. They were always friendly, always polite, always considerate, but beyond the occasional greeting and obligatory get together, the two woman rarely had much to do with one another. The odd thing, however, was that their lives seemed almost to revolve around one another. Aki had married Kan's first cousin and Kan had married Aki's half brother. Kan was close friends with Aki's twin, and Aki was a big admirer of Kan's sister. They were the same age, they had gotten married around the same time, and now become mothers at the same time. They'd gone through pregnancy at the same time. Yet in the months that they had been pregnant together, neither had really consulted with the other or even run into the other during their preparation. One would have thought that they would have run into each other, or somehow grown closer considering the shared experienced, but that simply hadn't happened. 

“This is a little strange isn't it?” asked the older girl. Kan quickly nodded her agreement. She briefly considered asking who had thought that this would be a good idea, but quickly realized that question had the potential of coming off as incredibly rude. “Have you gotten to sleep much since?”

Drabble Challenge 4: Motherhood
:iconrikku9314:'s challenge
OC: Aki and Kan
SETTING: a house
THEME: motherhood
POV: 3rd

Kan (c) Rikku9314 
Aki, Eimi (mentioned) Sorceress2000 
Haru (mentioned) Wolffie12 
Ouka-Sen-Jikei by Sorceress2000
I guess I decided that this IS from when they were young ;)

Ouka Han Character Sheet by Sorceress2000Sen Zhang Character Sheet by Sorceress2000Jikei Character Sheet by Sorceress2000

The electric buzzing of the machines whirling and humming woke her. She could feel the pinching on her skin where each of them was hooked to her. Her body ached but didn't hurt as much as before. The pressure she'd felt in her lower extremities was now little more than a faded memory. Around her, the smell of clean was nauseating, nearly overwhelming. Someone had thought to give her flowers. They had placed a large bouquet of rather smelly Hydrangeas; symbol of heartfelt emotions. The smell of the delicate purple flowers helped to drown out the cleanliness of the room that almost seemed to suffocate her.

“I could get you different flowers.”

Turning towards the window, Aki smiled as she saw her twin brother staring out into the small courtyard below. Hade had paid a small fortune to make sure she got the best room in the hospital. She was fairly certain he'd also had that garden below her window installed himself. “No, it's fine,” she replied, shaking her head slowly. As she did, the younger Kobiru twin took a quick inventory of her recovery room, briefly wondering if all the space was really necessary. But then again, it was Hade; he always went over the top when it came to the ones he loved. “Where...”

“He took your husband to the nursing station to teach him how to clean the babies.” Haru replied before she could finish asking the question she'd just thought of.

Her mind seemed a bit slower than usual, but she nodded nonetheless; waiting for the information to settle itself in her head before beginning again. “He's had a lot of practice.” For a moment she wasn't even sure who she meant. It went without saying for Hade, after all he had single-handedly raised them all. Raising twelve siblings was not an easy thing to do, but he'd managed, and most of them had gone through a diaper stage with him. But Gosai had also done a lot of hands-on training. He'd prepared plenty for the arrival of their twins, even going so far as to volunteer for a month at the Academy day-care center. Like in all things that he did, the red-haired swordsman dedicated everything he had to mastering a skill. She was sure he'd be a great father. He was already a great husband.

“Hm.” Haru grunted from his spot at the window. He didn't turn to face her, instead choosing to look out the window, turned away from her so that only his back was readable to her. But they were twins. Aki knew what he was thinking. She'd known what he was thinking even during the worse of it, when the two of them were separated by a wall, and a crowd of anxious surgeons.

“You should be more considerate of me,” she firmly stated, waiting for him to turn and respond to her, but he didn't. His shoulders shrugged, indicating to her that he had heard her, but didn't care to reply, so she continued. “He's my husband.” She wanted to make clear what she meant, though knowing Haru he'd undoubtedly picked up on her meaning even without her clarification. “He's the love of my life... the father of my children.” That seemed to pull him back. For a moment, Haru stiffened. She thought he'd turn then, but he only seemed to plant himself even more firmly in his spot. “Whatever notion you may have had that he wouldn't be in my life...”

“Ha!” he scoffed. She could tell he was smirking even though Haru had still not turned. “I knew the second you saw him I was stuck with him for life.”

At this, the sandy-haired woman let out a soft chuckle. She believed him. Haru probably knew the moment she laid eyes on Gosai that his twin had fallen completely and madly in love with the older boy.

“I don't hate him.”

Aki smiled. She'd already known that. Despite the difficulties in their relationship at times, she knew her twin liked Gosai well enough. What was there not to like? He was skilled, hardworking, and respectful. Really, except for the age difference, there was nothing about Gosai that Haru could have disapproved of. Even Hade, who although often seeming not the most serious type, had been hesitant of the relationship at first, but he had eventually relented and become an avid supporter when he realized there really was no one better than Gosai.

“But I don't think he'd good enough.”

Rolling her eyes, she waited until Haru turned away from the window and finally came over to her. He took his time, walking slowly over to her bedside and waiting for her to scoot over and make some room for him in the hospital bed before he spoke again. “And I'm not particularly happy with him right now.”

Again she rolled her eyes, making sure that the older twin saw her this time. “It wasn't his fault.” Haru protested with a single raised brow, letting her know he didn't believe that. “Really? You don't think he wouldn't have done if for me if he could?” Haru chuckled. “If anyone's to blame it's our Kobiru ancestors.” She reasoned her newborn son had been so large in part to genetics. He strongly resembled Hade; blue hair and hugely built. Undoubtedly the boy would be as massively tall as his uncle.

“ahh, a little Hade...” Haru shivered, as if reading her mind exactly.

“I'm sure he won't be nearly as bad.” Aki giggled. The sensation shook her midsection, causing some discomfort. She winced, drawing a look of concern from her twin. “It's fine. I'm fine,” she firmly asserted. Aki knew immediately Haru's mind had drifted back to her husband. “You realize you're blaming my children.”

Instantly his face contorted. “No. I'm blaming him.” The rationale was lost on the older twin that being angry about her pain, where the pain had been necessary to bring her children into the world, essentially meant he was angry at their birth. And it was true, that's why she was hurting now, but she wouldn't have traded it for anything.  

Aki smacked his shoulder; hard. “Stop that!” she furrowed her brow, narrowing her eyes at the older man as he rubbed his arm, saying nothing but waiting for an explanation. “This is a good moment. You should be happy for me!”

He smirked; pulling a flower from the bouquet at the side of her bed. Hydrangeas; symbol of heartfelt emotions. “I am happy for you,” he handed her the purple flower. At the same time he leaned forward and gave her forehead a quick kiss. Heaving a heavy sigh, the older twin slumped down on the bed and watched the girl as she smelled the flower, bringing it to her nose only for a moment before deciding the scent was far too overwhelming. She turned to him and smiled, spinning the stem of the flower between her right index finger and thumb. “He just better not put me through this again anytime soon.” Haru added. There was a twinkle in his eye as he raised his head, tossing his hair back with a flick of his chin, the way he'd seen Hade do on a number of occasions. “My heart simply couldn't handle it again.”

It took her a moment, but Aki almost instantly burst into laughter at the overly dramatic declaration made by her usually stoic twin brother. “You're such a dork!” she giggled, sharing a sly smirk between them just as the hospital door flung open, and the very same person the older twin had been mimicking burst into the room with a rather disheveled looking Gosai.

Heartfelt Emotions
Challenged by :iconwolffie12:
OC: Aki and Haru 
SETTING: Hospital
THEME: Togetherness/Twin-time
POV: 3rd


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