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yes, this is a repost, I felt it deserved it's own journal and not to be stuck at the bottom of a superlong mega journal... I actually want to add more to it too, but probably not right now...

Tips for successful dA group
So I got this other note from someone asking me how I got my groups so popular and what advice I could give them for their group.

There isn't really any secret trick to it honestly. It's actually quite simple.

The key to a successful dA group is this:

1. Hard Work  :: I could say ACTIVE would be the more appropriate word here, but really it is a lot of work to be active. if you want your members to be active, you need to be active too. In the beginning, as the leader, it will be on YOU to be the most active member. You have to build up enthusiasm and get people interested in being active. Once you have a good following, tip 4 (below) is what's going to save you from having a mental breakdown and going insane. ;p  It takes a lot of work to get a group up and running, but if it's something you love than it is worth it.

2. Creativity  ::  My most successful groups are those that run events that are creative and different from your typical every-other-group events. They don't have to be too out there though. In the beginning, it's easier to start simple. For instance, in Nejitenplz instead of running a "Valentines day contest" one year, we had a contest in February called "LOVE LETTERS".. it had the same theme as a V-day contest was but was specific. Similarly, in Naruto-Artists when I first took over instead of having a Halloween event, we had an October contest entitled "Ghosts of the past" which was really less about scary, more about memories, but it had the similar Halloweeny theme to it. Secret Santa's are pretty common in most groups, but they can be fun and creative too. In my groups we would do "surveys" which we would then link to the Gifter so they'd know exactly what to do. We'd also match them up so that we never had anyone writing for someone who wanted a drawing, or drawing a pairing they hated. It's always good to be considerate of what others want.

Once you get a good following, creativity can go a little bit farther. In Nejitenplz we actually came up with the first "MONTH" many many years ago. Every April we've continued to have our Nejiten Month. Other groups have also adopted this XD.
Last year I also launched a fun event called FAIRY FEST in Fairy-Tail-FC and then a few months later launched NARU FEST in Naruto-Artists... Both were very successful and everyone had a lot of fun with the scavenger hunt, riddles, puzzles, collaborations, one-on-one battles. They were fun.

Another great way to be creative is to try and mirror the events of the fandom. FAIRY FEST actually came about because of the events in the Fairy Tail manga. We even mirrored the way the way the contest was done to the tournament along with the point-system and even the Ranking boards were taking right out of the manga.

Similarly, in Fairy-Tail-FC we have the MISSION BOARD... which is a replica of the Mission Board in the series -->

3. ORGANIZATION  ::  I capitalized this because I honestly can't even begin to stress the importance of this. It plays into the "Hard work" but it actually makes the work so much easier. My best example of this is HeartShrineVillage To be honest, it was a lot of work in the beginning, but because of the organization, because of the time to craft carefully and deliberately made rules to avoid chaos (and I'm oh so often judged for all the RULES I have; which touches slightly on point 5, below)... it wouldn't be as successful as it is if not for all the thought that went into organizing it the way it is.

4. Good people  :: This is so so very important! In the beginning, your group is yours and you are in charge of running things and promoting and getting people excited and keeping things organized. Most groups have like 10 or 20 people in the beginning so it's not that difficult to manage, but as your group grows it'll require more work. That's when it pays to have a group of trusted, active and helpful people to support you. NONE of my successful groups would be anywhere near as good as they are now if not for the wonderful people who make up the admin staff in them. But I didn't pick them lightly. Every single one of them was picked because I knew they would helpful, usually because they helped before they became admins. It's always good to have a good number of people helping you too. When i first took over for Fairy-Tail-FC a year ago there was about... under 800 people. it was a pretty inactive group though. I quickly got about 5 or so admins to start helping me out. As we grew, we needed more help. right now we have 4500+ members and over 30 admins. This year I was swamped with work during FAIRY FEST 2013. My admins made it possible to run the event. It really does take a team, a good team.

5. Haters  :: This isn't so much a tip as it is a warning. No matter what you do, there will always, always, ALWAYS be hateful people who are ready to judge and insult and hurt you. People who often reap the benefits of your hard work without a single considerate thought about how much effort you put into things and how deeply personal their words can be when they're basically attacking something that you gave life to. It's hard and not for the faint of heart... and even for those of us who do consider ourselves strong... it still sometimes gets to you. But don't forget there are usually good people around too who are there to support you and who love what you do and do appreciate it. Focus on that.

hahah wow... that went on for much longer than I intended it to... sorry for the uberly long journal today ^^;
Tenshi--Hikari Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Student General Artist
It was uber long but uuuber informative~! :D your journals are always fun to read~
Sorceress2000 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: thanks
Tenshi--Hikari Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Student General Artist
You're welcome! C:
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